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Comments from East Coast Producer and owner of Tundra Records, Peter Wilder:  2/1/15

“Aspen Leaf Recording is the life's work of musician, songwriter, recording engineer and commercial pilot, Ken Dravis.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Ken for thirty years.  During this period, he has demonstrated not only a superior knowledge of what audio tools are necessary to provide an absolutely superior final product (and you'll find them at Aspen Leaf), but also the expertise to use every component individually to maximize a client's end product.  This expertise also extends to functioning as a producer or co producer... you can trust Ken's instincts in finding ways to make your creative project, put simply, better.   In our current era there is an illusion (provided by Garage Band and other simplistic digital audio workstations) that musicians don't need to go into a professional studio. This is dead wrong.Want proof? Look at Billboard Top 100 and investigate how much of the content was created at home, which will reveal that none of it was.  If you are a serious artist, you will want to invest in serious support of your art. 

Ken Dravis and Aspen Leaf provide this. 

Highly recommended."

- Peter Bruce Wilder,

Emmy Award Winning Composer, Producer

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February, 2015

The studio open-house on Saturday, January 31st was an amazing success!

Tons of great musicians, terrific friends, delicious food and a fine selection of Taylor guitars demonstrated by Drew Fields from Back Porch Music plus an excellent drum demonstration by Rob Labig! About 75 attendees in all!  Thank you for being a part of our 10th celebration!!