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Aspen Leaf Recording Studio

Grand Junction, Colorado



For long distance recording, we offer several solutions:

1) Remote Voice-Over Work: We offer high quality phone patching for our VO clients to communicate and be directed with their producers anywhere in the world. We can load your files via FTP so your production house can begin working with them immediately.

2) Send your files to us for mixing or mastering: With the plethora of budget digital recorders, just about everyone can work at home perfecting vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard tracks and more. If you have a great sounding room, or a “dead” space to record, all the better! When it’s time to mix and sweeten your project, Aspen Leaf has the tools to give your project the warmth and punch to compete with radio releases.

3) Come and record in the beautiful Rocky Mountains! All within 2 hours of the studio, you’ll enjoy skiing, horseback riding, rodeo, hiking, biking, fishing, camping, mountain climbing, 4-wheeling, rafting, wine tasting, and much more. Located within 2 hours of Aspen, Vail, Telluride and Moab, Aspen Leaf offers a get-away option to record in a new and fresh environment conducive to sparking your creativity.

Think about it. A Colorado vacation and a new CD. Call for more information and to discuss your project.


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