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  1. Bullet Pro-Analog & Digital Equipment

  2. Bullet Studio & Location Recording

  3. Bullet Assistance with Copyrights

  4. Bullet Custom CD package prices

  5. Bullet Assistance with CD Design

  6. Bullet School Admission Demo’s

  7. Bullet Record & Tape Transfers

  8. Bullet Baldwin Grand Piano

  9. Bullet Church Recordings

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When booking your session date, we will request a deposit.

Full payment is required before projects leave the studio.

  1. Bullet Recording, Mixing, Editing, and Mastering

  $60 per hour 

  (Ask about $55 per hour block rates)

  1. Bullet Audio Transfers

  $35 per hour

  1. Bullet All Services

  $50 minimum

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Your Affordable Pro-Audio Solution.

State-Of-The-Art Recording & Production Studio.

When you’re serious about your music, this is the place.

Get it right the first time.

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Aspen Leaf Recording Studio

Grand Junction, Colorado



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