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“This place is awesome!”

Mike Rowe

“Discovery Channel”

“Dirty Jobs”

“Deadliest Catch”

Aspen Leaf Recording, LLC ©2009

Grand Junction, Colorado

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Aspen Leaf Recording Studio

Grand Junction, Colorado


"I can recommend Aspen Leaf Recording without reservation. After recording in several studios, this has been, by far, the most rewarding experience I have had. 

Ken puts you at ease, listens to and values your opinion and makes important observations that keep the project moving. He can take a simple melody and turn it into something profound. He is musically versatile....any genre you want. The finished product has been beyond my fondest expectation.  Did I mention that he's fun to be around?  Yeah, that too!"

Bonnie Wixom

“Something For Christmas”

“I appreciate your guidance on the covers.  You hit the font and the simple layout on the head like usually. The CD turned out much better than I had hoped for!


Piano Earth Tones

“Timeless Emotions”

"Ken, wow.  It was so fulfilling working with you in the studio.  Thank you for your support, your input, and your faith in me.  Let's do this again soon!" 

Jessica Garton

“Somewhere Along The Way”

“I’m loving this warm, fat sound you’re getting on these masters!”

Sand Sheff



“Lion On A White Horse”


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